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5th Weekend Union Planning for year 2007



Greeting to my fellow worker in Christ, I thank God.  He has blessed us to continue serving Him as Christian workers that I thank God. For you appoint me as your  

This year our first meeting will be held on Feb.10, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. at the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church 514 West Beresford Ave, Deland. Please come with an open mind and with great ideas. This year our focus will be on what we can do to improve our Women’s Missionary Dept to bring more a people back.  Please bring ideas that you think might be able to help us move forward. There is work to be done and enough work for us all.


I pray that you will be able to attend and let us pray that God continues to lead us in the direction to help to build a better 5th Weekend Union as a whole. With us working together with President Bradley, we can make a change.I pray for a great time in the Lord and that you will come and let us work together in love.

President Ernestine Young

Ernestine Y.  Young

937 N Union Circle Deltona, Fl 32725


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Mt. Zion Northeast Coast Missionary Baptist District Association of Florida Inc.