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Fifth Weekend Union - North End
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Union Officers
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Women's Convention President
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      Moderator                         Women's Convention President
  Dr. Douglas Hamilton                                   Sis. Hattie Kennedy

President Emeritus
Dr. J. C Bently
Rev. Troy A. Bradley Sr.
1st Vice President
Rev Micheal Mitchell
2nd Vice President
Rev Herman Roberts
Ruby Blake - recording
Sis. Emma Brown- Corresponding 
Finance Committee
Rev. John McMillon - Secretary
Min. Larry Woodward - Ass. Secretary
Dea. Henry Philpot- Treasurer
Laymen Department
Dea. Charles Williams - President
Dea. Sammy Davis - Vice President
Women's Department
Ernestine Young President
Mildred White Vice President

Minister's Wives
Debra Mitchell   Chairperson
Gwen Edwards -co- chairperson
Sis. Mildred White - President
Sis. Madge Littles
Health & Nursing
Sis. Ann Harper - President
Sis. Doris Miles - Vice President
Sis. Azalen Jenkins - President
Sis. Edith Alderman - Vice President
Matron's & YMA'S
Vivian thomas - Directress
Cynitha Moore- Chairperson
Sis Primrose
Youth Department
Min. Gerald Odom  Youth Minister
Min. Patrick Harding Assistant Youth Minister
Sis. Jean Harding - Directress
Sis. Rose Roland - Assistant  Directress
Sis. Joan Broxton - Advisor
Outreach Ministry
Min. Tyrone Tyus - President
Dea. Steven Broughton- Vice President
Web Master
Min. Malcolm Williams

Mt. Zion Northeast Coast Missionary Baptist District Association of Florida Inc.