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Fifth Weekend Union - North End

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Message From President Kennedy

     In writing this message I have profound appreciation for this association that allows me to serve as their Women’s President. In addition I feel especially blessed to serve as the 5th Women’s President. It also gives me joy knowing that God has kept us together for 90 years. It is an exciting adventure to witness this convention unfolding day to day , year by year , decade by decade, with achievements and honors that only come by grace of God. This association has given us friendship, relationship, and fellowship with most of all sonship which comes from Jesus Christ, our Lord

     As your Women’s President, gracefully moving into my second year of leadership, I have seen the growth of this Woman’s Convention. These women have kept the spirit of togetherness, praying as we labored to keep the vision alive. Everyday I thank God for his grace and providence, as we unite to serve in the various settings of out convention. What can possibly be more meaningful and expressive than to see the long-term love and care for our District Association.

     Down through the years the labors of this Association meet together in the month of November to chronicle our history, our heritage, and our hope using spiritual tools marked by Jesus Christ. Our Association is made up of families, churches, and communities. As we draw close to our century-connectives as an Association, our desire is to leave a legacy of strength to our young men and women. This legacy should impact others long after we have left the scene.

     Down through the years, many important historical events have paraded throughout our local churched that leave Godly respect for our District Association. It is again my prayer that we never outgrow the need to fellowship and worship with one another. God’s really counting on all of us to keep this Association ablaze and united with a purpose to fulfill the will of God. To God be the glory

With Christian Love ,

President Hattie Kennedy

Woman’s Convention President

Mt. Zion Northeast Coast Missionary Baptist District Association of Florida Inc.